Corry Higher Education Council
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From grass-roots to a statewide movement!

The non-profit Corry Higher Education Council was incorporated May 31, 1991 as an initiative of the Corry Industrial Roundtable
to improve access to training and education for Corry-area adults. It was just the second Community Education Council in Pennsylvania,
after the Warren/Forest Higher Education Council in 1984.

By the time Gov. Tom Ridge signed the “Community Education Council Act” on December 21, 1998, there were five education councils in Pennsylvania.

Today there are eight Community Education Councils sanctioned and funded in part by the PA Department of Education! The concept initiated
and supported by communities like Corry, Warren and St. Mary's has become a critical component of the state’s educational delivery system.

What does the Corry Higher Education Council do?

Our Mission Statement says this: “The Corry Higher Education Council promotes lifelong learning to empower individuals, produce a globally competitive workforce and enhance the community’s quality of life.”

That means we identify the area’s education and training needs, and seek to fill them. Rather than “reinvent the wheel,” we typically partner
with educational providers such as colleges, universities, technical schools and training organizations with an expertise in those areas.

Our job is to make it easy for those educational providers to serve Corry. We provide marketing, office and administrative support,
classrooms, computer labs – everything students and providers need for an excellent educational experience right here in Corry!


Corry Higher Education Council

221 North Center Street
Corry, PA 16407
Tel (814) 664-9405, Fax (814) 664-2552

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